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Bed Bug Treatments in Richmond, Virginia

At PestMasters Termite & Pest Control, our exterminators specialize in the thorough and permanent removal of bed bugs, termite, and mosquitoes. If your home is infested with any of these pests, contact us today to arrange our extermination services. We will be there to treat the affected area promptly and efficiently.

Bed Bug Treatments
Say goodbye to bed bugs once and for all with effective bed bug treatments from PestMasters Termite & Pest Control. We offer a non-chemical termination process that utilizes liquid CO2 to flash freeze bed bugs in -109 degree Fahrenheit temperatures. This treatment guarantees 100% bed bug removal
every time.

Termite Control
Few pests are more destructive than termites. In fact, termites do more damage to homes every year that fires, storms, and earthquakes combined. PestMasters Termite & Pest Control offers a wide variety of effective treatment options to effectively eliminate termites from your property. Call today to customize a termite control option that best fits your needs.

Inspector, Bed Bug Treatments in Richmond, VA

Mosquito Control Services
Take back your yard with our mosquito control services. We offer a mosquito reduction program that targets mosquitoes in all life stages from eggs to larvae to adults. Call today to arrange a free site evaluation from our pest control experts.

Say goodbye to bothersome bugs with our mosquito, termite, and bed bug treatments in Richmond, Virginia.